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Adding Custom 'Add New' Menu Entries to SysML

Andy Lapping Tip

When you create a SysML project, that profile takes over the right-click menu for Add New. Now lets say you add your own profile with some new terms in it and you want those to appear on the Add New menu in addition to the usual SysML elements.

There is a hidden trick to make this possible !

All you need is to:

  1. Add a stereotype to your profile, applicable to Project.
  2. Set the stereotype name to be the same as your profile name - thats the trick to make this work. The stereotype doesn't need to be applied - it just needs to exist.
  3. Modify the AddNewMenuStructure property on the project stereotyp. Those new menu entries will be added to the SysML Add New menu.

Of course this works for any profile that 'hijacks' the Add New menu - not just SysML. 
Here's an example:

Note the MyProfile stereotype is the same name as the profile
AddNewMenuStructure property set on project stereotype
SysML Add New menu is extended with your additional entries