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Since apple have finally disabled the use of iWeb I've had to archive all of the existing content. It's still there - you can find it by clicking on the links below - or on the Original Site menu in the header bar , but for now at least any future updates will be in this blog-like format. It may be a little less navigable than the old format but it's for sure a lot easier to maintain and doesn't need any proprietary software - I'm using the awesome Publii 

You can filter on helpers, tips and so on by clicking on the tags over there on the right-hand side of the page (or if you're on a mobile device - at the bottom of the page). Of course you can also use the search - which is powered by google so expect a few ads to be the first results, if you scroll past those you can see the results for this site only. If you need to get in touch you can use LinkedIn - just click the button in the Follow Us section on the right (or again - at the bottom). In case you're wondering, I'm not insane - I don't refer to myself in the plural - I just can't change that part of the site template :)

Here are links to the existing content archive:




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