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Panel Diagram Generator

Andy Lapping Helper

Panel Diagrams are a very useful way of interacting with executable models but:

  • They can be time consuming to create
  • Widgets must be bound to instance level features - but the UI presents all features making it very easy to bind to something that won't work
  • Changing the instance structure in the browser breaks any existing widget bindings 

This helper addresses all of these issues - see the included PDF for how it works. Note that it's pretty lightweight at the moment so there is only the helper itself and a .hep file you can  use to add it to your model.

Get it here: Panel Diagram Generator

By popular demand - here is the source code used to product this helper. It's an eclipse project that also includes an ant script to build it. The code is pretty basic and provided as-is. Hopefully it will help anyone else that needs to build panel diagrams programatically in Rhapsody.

Get it here: Panel Diagram Generator Source Code Eclipse Project