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Profiling Toolkit

Andy Lapping Helper

This profile is a profile for building profiles. It includes property perspectives to make finding commonly used properties easier and a set of helper tools to automate some of the process of building a profile. These are the included helpers (a Word document is included in the zip that details the usage of each).

Edit Stereotype Properties

Eases the pain of creating comma separated lists for properties. Also includes a menu builder for building custom Add New browser menus.

HEP FIle Editor

A helper for building and managing HEP files (very useful if you create your own helpers to go with your profile)

Property Value Checker

Want to see what the actual value of a conditional property is ? This is the helper for you.

Export Overridden Properties to FIle

Create PRP files easily by overriding selected properties in the model and then exporting that out to a new PRP file.

Dowload it here: Profiling Toolkit