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Providing Property Help Files

Andy Lapping Tip

If you create profiles and those profiles have custom properties for any reason, then you can provide an XML file that Rhapsody reads so that a user sees some interactive help for the property in the Rhapsody features window:

If you are using Rhapsody 8.x or prior then these files must be placed in the Rhapsody/Doc/PropertyHelp/EN folder (for english) or any of the other sub folders for other languages - see any of the existing XML files for an example - the format is fairly self-explanatory.

If you are using Rhapsody 9.x then there is an additional property you can use to specify a custom location for the file(s) (typically this would be in some sub folder of your profile). The format of the file is exactly the same as above but Rhapsody is very picky about the location and how its specified (and wont give you any help if you get it wrong). Here are the rules:

  1. The property to use is Model.Profile.AdditionalPropHelpLocation
  2. You MUST specifiy the value for this property on the Profile itself. You cannot specify it in a PRP file that the profile loads.
  3. The value must be a folder. You can refer to it using variables like OMROOT or USER_ROOT
  4. When you select a custom property in the features view, Rhapsody will take your custom property help file value and add on /PropertyHelp/EN/YourProfileName (for English) so make sure your file structure reflects that.